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Our List of Thai Thai Steet Foods

Pad Thai

Authentic Thai recipe for Pad ThaiPad Thai is one of Thailand's most popular and well known dishes. It's made by pan frying thin flat rice noodles with a unique sweet and sour sauce flavored with tamarind, lime, sugar, and other seasonings, along with shrimp, egg, tofu, peanuts, bean sprouts, and a wide variety of other possible ingredients.

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Meatball Snacks

Authentic Thai recipe for Meatball SnacksFollow this easy recipe and in under 30 minutes you'll be enjoying the delicious and very authentic flavors of Thailand style meatball snacks. Known in Thailand as Luke Chin (ลูกชิ้นหมู), they are one of our most popular street foods.

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Pumpkin and Coconut Custard

Authentic Thai recipe for Pumpkin and Coconut CustardThis delicious Thai pumpkin and coconut custard is made by steaming a mixture of egg, coconut milk, sugar, and spices inside a whole summer squash or pumpkin. As the the pumpkin cooks, the delicate flavors of the pumpkin blend with the cooking custard to create a delicious and very interesting dessert when served whole and sliced at the table.

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Sweet Potato Balls

Authentic Thai recipe for Sweet Potato BallsEnjoy this popular street food snack from Thailand at home, wherever you are. Knomom Kai Nok Krata is a little deep fried ball made from a tasty dough with sweet potato, coconut sugar, cinnamon and tapioca.

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