Our List of Thai Soups

Our List of Thai Soups

Chicken Wonton Soup

(Kiao Nam Gai)

Learn how we customize the flavor of this traditionally Chinese soup, infusing it with the herbs and spices of Thailand to create Kiao Nam Thai Wonton Soup. Like most soups in Thailand, the soup is seasoned at the table with your own particular blend of spicy, salty, sour, and sweet condiments.

Spicy Pork Belly Soup

(Tom Yum Moo Saam Chan)

Tom Yum Moo Saam Chan, or spicy and sour soup with pork belly, has all the delicious herbal flavors that you would expect to find in tom yum style soups, combined with rich and juicy chunk of slowly cooked pork belly, cherry tomatoes, whole shallots, and morning glory leaves.

Herbal Chicken Soup with Bitter Melon

(Kaeng Gai sai Ma Ra)

It called Kaeng Gai sai Ma Ra, or Hearty Chicken Soup with Bitter Melon, and it one of our favorite soups. The broth is made with coriander, galangal, garlic, and red chili, but it it not too spicy. It has a rich and warming herbaceous flavor, probably like no other soup that you have ever eaten.

Spicy Vegetarian Mushroom Soup

(Kaeng Hed Jeh)

It's packed with a healthy and flavorful portion of mushrooms. You can use whatever you have locally, such as oyster, shitake, straw, etc. The broth is flavored with lemongrass, kaffir lime, galangal, and tamarind, so it has a very authentically Thai flavor.

Spicy Chicken Soup

(Tom Yum Gai)

This easy to follow recipe is shows you how to make a delicious and healthy Thai chicken soup for one or two people in just 15 minutes. Now you can enjoy this spicy and sour herbaceous soup made with chunky chicken breast and mushrooms in a rich broth flavored with lemongrass and galangal at anytime.

Pork Bone Soup with Daikon and Cabbage

(Tom Jab Chai Kradook Moo)

Try this soup known as Tom Jab Chai Kradook Moo. It's made with big meaty pork leg bones and a generous quantity of our popular vegetable we call Pak Boong. We also add daikon radish, Chinese cabbage and mushrooms. This soup is not at all spicy. It has a rich, hearty and very delicious flavor.

Bitter Gourd Soup

(Tom Juet Ma Ra)

We highly recommend that you try this amazing soup called Tom Juet Ma Ra. It's made with Chinese bitter melon (gourd) that's stuffed with a delicious seasoned pork. The bitter gourd is slowly cooked in a lightly seasoned broth, with mushrooms and carrots. Many people say that after they eat bitter melon they feel so much better. It's something about the slightly bitter flavor of the gourds when combined with the delicious, almost bland broth. Please try it and let us know what you think.

Ginger Chicken Soup

(Tom Khing Gai)

Then you should try this Thailand version of an age-old remedy for whatever ails you. This chicken stew that we call Tom Khing Gai is packed with a healthy portion of fresh ginger root that is slowly cooked together with chicken leg meat, carrots, and onion to create what just might be the most delicious, rich, and warming chicken soup you've ever had.

Rice Soup with Minced Pork

(Khao Tom Moo Sap)

Worawut's easy to follow recipe shows you how to make a delicious pot of Thai style soup. It's great for breakfast and on cold winter nights. Infused with the flavors of lemongrass, ginger, and coriander, the soothing broth can be a welcome change from spicy hot stir-fries.

Vegetarian Tom Yum

(Tom Yum Jeh)

Learn to make this delicious vegetarian alternative to traditional Thai Tom Yum, a spicy and sour soup with lots of flavor and absolutely no animal products.

Spicy and Sour Prawn Soup

(Tom Yum Goong)

Watch me make this quick and easy Tom Yum with large river prawns, then go to our website to print the recipe so you can make it at home.

Chicken and Galangal Coconut Soup

(Tom Kha Gai)

Tom Kha Gai is a delicious Chicken and Galangal Coconut Soup with mushrooms. It's got a distinctly Thai taste from the galangal, lemongrass, and kaffir lime leaves, but it is not at all spicy (hot) like our other popular soups.

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