Authentic Thai Recipe Ingredient: Sapodilla

Photo of Sapodilla and How it is Used in Authentic Thai Recipes.


ละมุด (Lamut)
The fruit of the Sapodilla is a large ellipsoid berry, 4–8 cm in diameter, containing two to five seeds. Inside, its flesh ranges from a pale yellow to an earthy brown color with a grainy texture akin to that of a well-ripened pear. The seeds are black and resemble beans, with a hook at one end that can catch in the throat if swallowed. The fruit has a high latex content and does not ripen until picked.

Sapodilla has an exceptionally sweet, malty flavor. The unripe fruit is hard to the touch and contains high amounts of saponin, which has astringent properties similar to tannin, drying out the mouth.

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